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Weight Loss Programmes, Health Supplements, or Exercises? We Dig Deeper

Health Supplements To Help Weight Loss

Some of the best diets to lose weight or weight loss programmes to hit our local shores are Keto diets, Paleo diets, slimming teas and intermittent fasting. These diets have been focusing on consuming what we thought early ancestors ate (Paleo), or intermittent fasting which is a strategy that cycles between stretches of time that you fast or eat. However, comparing such weight loss programmes to health supplements and even exercise programmes like Chloe Ting’s workout have shown varied results across the board. 

Journey with us as we dig deeper into the various weight loss myths, best health supplements, various workout programmes like “8 ways to lose 8 pounds” and exercises for losing weight. 

Exercising to lose weight

COVID-19 has led to many staying indoors for the first half of the year. Some complaints of the enforced lockdown have included weight gain due to lack of exercise, or factors like stress. A popular workout that went viral was the “2-week shred challenge” and programmes by fitness influencer and YouTube star, Chloe Ting. Her ab and booty workouts challenged many and her videos attracted many with photos with great results (if you stuck with her programme religiously) and the promise of working out together. Some have even challenged the veracity of her programmes.

So, how successful were her programmes?

We would say yes by the many shared post-workout photos of hourglass figures and toned bodies. Chloe Ting also shared progress photos of those on the weight loss journey with her. From the many testimonials, one could say that her workouts were successful. She also backed her many workouts by bringing in a dietician/doctor to share more about the benefits of her programme, which also help many make informed choices. 

At the end of the day, taking part in popular or viral workout programmes does not automatically ensure weight loss as everyone’s body reacts differently to such workouts. Do consult a dietician or medical professional if you do not seem to be getting the results you want!

Health Supplements for weight loss

Peppering your Instagram feed, slimming teas and gummies and other products have sponsored your favourite influencers to talk all about them. How effective are slimming teas? The answer is not at all, according to many experts, weight loss teas are a scam, however, there are other health supplements out there that can help you lose weight. Googling the “best supplement pills” or “best weight loss/diet pills to help lose weight” and going by reviews may help some but our advice again is to reach out to a medical expert or dietician to see what works best for you.

If you’re in the market for a weight loss supplement, consider this proprietary formula containing liver-friendly milk thistle, full-spectrum plant enzymes, grape seed extract, dandelion root and juniper berry. These key ingredients target the three essential aspects of getting fit: curbing appetite, burning fat and building muscle

While there is a tendency to only consume supplements and hope for the best, supplements are not a perfect solution to losing weight. Weight loss is a combination of a healthy diet, regular sleep, an exercise regime and of course, discipline. It cannot be done overnight so remember, you are in it for the long haul.

Watching your diet: weight loss programmes

One of the most commonly repeated lines when it comes to weight loss is “watch your diet”. True enough, what you eat does have a large significance on how effective your weight loss journey is going. Dieting should not be cutting certain food groups out but rather eating in moderation to ensure that it is not consumed in excess or lack thereof to provide enough nutrients. 

Do bear in mind that everyone’s body is different, even though you might be consuming a low fat, low sugar diet, chances are that your Body Mass Index (BMI) could be registering near borderline overweight through certain factors which may not apply in your case. Take note as long as your weight does affect your quality of life like climbing the stairs or walking, it could be time to make some changes.

Changing your diet to something healthier not only helps you to lose weight but provides your body with the essential nutrients to help fight signs of ageing, memory loss and other diseases. Here’s a 7-day diet plan for weight loss by nutritionist, Cheryl Forberg, R.D. for The Biggest Loser that won’t make you skip meals or fast.

Choosing some of the best diets to lose weight can be tough from all the search results out there. As long as you have a diet that does not border on excessive, include health supplements for weight loss supplements if needed, coupled with exercise, you should be in the clear. 

Choosing what’s best for yourself

Having occasional cheat meals like what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eats might be considered scary but as long as you enjoy your meals, go forth and enjoy! If you are ever in doubt about choosing a diet that works for you, drop us a message to see what we can recommend or reach out to a dietician or medical professional!

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