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6 Easy Ways to Test If Your Skincare Treatment Regime Is Effective

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In the world of skincare tips, treatments and the best beauty products, how do you truly define effective products? There are many ways out there to test if your skincare treatment regime is effective – is it any good at clearing acne and/or treating 99.9% of skin problems? Is your stem cell drink really working or is it just imagination? Or is it effective enough that you see changes, thus boosting your self-confidence? Before we share with you 6 easy ways to test your skincare regime effectiveness, we would like to share that there is no skincare treatment regime that is 100% effective for everyone. Whether you are looking for a guide to the best beauty products or best skincare treatment, everyone’s skin is unique and may require a different approach. Embrace that uniqueness and take it as an opportunity to experiment with new skin skincare products until you find one that suits you!

Understanding skincare and your treatment

Do you know which is your largest organ in the body? If you guessed your skin, bingo, you are correct. As the largest organ in your body, that warrants plenty of care and concern as well some TLC or tender loving care. Similar to how one takes mineral supplements to ensure overall wellness or nourishing hair with conditioner, collagen supplements help to boost your collagen growth in your skin. Apart from nourishing your skin, it also needs protection. Protection from harmful UV rays, pollution and other factors can help your skin stay healthy, look younger and fresher.

Understanding why caring for your skin is important to many ensuring a beautiful complexion, preventing premature ageing and revitalising your skin. Take note of the signs you are using the wrong skincare products! 

Basic skincare routine steps 

The basic personal skincare tips here will help get you started on building your own skincare regime

Essentially when building your routine, 3 broad steps need to be covered. Cleansing which is washing your face, toning which helps to balance the skin by restoring it to a natural pH value and closing pores, lastly, moisturising which hydrates and softens the skin.

6 ways to test the effectiveness of your skincare treatment regime


  • Is your skincare treatment regime causing breakouts/itchiness/irritation?

While experiencing a few pimples when trying a new product for the first time is expected, extended breakouts for more than 1-2 weeks can mean that your skin could be reacting badly to the new product. Itchiness, irritation and burning sensations are also a clear sign that your skin is not reacting well and should stop usage. Do pay attention to how your skin is reacting, if not seek a professional opinion from a dermatologist!

  • Does your skin feel more oily or dry?

Certain products or treatments are designed to keep your skin dry and control oil production. While your skin may look and feel great, do remember to moisturise as your skin’s natural oils might be stripped away and trigger even greater oil production!

  • Have there been any improvements to the skin condition after 2-3 weeks?

Check for any improvements after 1-2 weeks to see how your skin condition has progressed! Do allow some more time if the changes are not noticeable as everyone’s skin is different!

  • Is there any discolouration from using this product for 1-2 weeks?

If you’re targeting acne or dark spots, there also should be no further discolourations. If there are, stop using the product and seek professional medical attention!

  • Is the product helping your skin to be smoother/more hydrated?

These are signs that the product is working! Products like a botanical blend of blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry and aloe vera with coconut water powder help to stimulate your body’s production of more stem cells to revitalise your skin. Another effective collagen drink like TruMarine™ Collagen helps to hydrate your skin through it’s anti-ageing properties as shown in a study. 

  • Are your skincare treatment regime products compatible? 

Checking the ingredient list and do your research beforehand can help identify what products are compatible and what ingredients clash with your skin. If you are unsure, decode your skincare products to understand what goes in them.

Effective skincare treatment

With more information about how to effectively test your skincare treatment regime, you can play around with your routine to see what is best for you. Your skin is unique, just like you! Treat it with some tender loving care and it will definitely show through more radiant and younger-looking skin! If you are ever in doubt of any product, drop us a message and we will do our best to help. If not, you can check out our article about what is the best skincare treatment for your skin type!

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