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5 Golden Rules To Follow Before Choosing Your Skincare Treatment


How does one choose a skincare treatment? Well, one can Google “how to choose the best skincare treatment trends for 2020” and be faced with a multitude of articles. However before we go into all that about the best skincare treatment available, here are 5 golden rules to follow before choosing your skincare routine. A sneak peek of the golden rules include understanding what the treatment does, what ingredients are used as well as necessary follow-up treatments. Choosing your skincare or what are the best focal moisturisers of 2020 should not just be a one-off decision but rather a carefully through-out long-term decision about your skincare wants and needs. 

Choosing your skincare carefully will help you to avoid potential pitfalls and regrets, while making skincare treatment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Here are our golden rules!

What type of skincare treatment are you looking for

When choosing your skincare treatment, it can be further separated into a personal skincare treatment routine or one done by a professional beautician or a beauty clinic. Knowing your wants and needs can help you to narrow down what to prepare. 

When it comes to personal/home skincare treatments, knowing what are the ingredients that go into your products, how these products – natural or not – affect your skin and testing it on a small area of your skin can help to prevent nasty reactions. 

For professional skincare treatments or beauty treatments trends for 2020 are big on enhancing your natural looks and combination treatments that target a few problems at a time. With non-invasive treatments, bottled collagen drinks and anti-ageing botanical drinks, knowing what you want can help narrow your choice for skincare treatment.

1st rule – Find out your skin type

Understanding your skin type is the first step. Knowing whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or sensitive skin can help you narrow down what skincare treatments will and will not work for you. Choosing quality moisturising products for dry skin over generic moisturisers can help achieve better and faster results.

2nd rule – Know what products/ingredients suit your skin

Knowing what ingredients trigger sensitive skin or the best ingredients to control oily skin can also be a boon. Choosing a face wash or treatment specially tailored for oily skin like a clay mask, Salicylic acid or retinol, can help keep it in check and produce fewer pimples or oil build-up. When consuming supplements like a botanical beverage made of blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry and aloe vera with coconut water powder, do consider which aspects of the product would benefit you and how you can get the most out it. Do ensure that health supplemnts you consume are FDA-approved or HSA-approved to err on the side of caution! 

3rd rule – Check what treatments suit your skin

This golden rule requires you to have some prior knowledge of what treatments your skin or body is comfortable with. Knowing how these treatments make your skin react like whether dermaplaning has any side effects (like irritatting your skin). If anyone has inflamed acne or any irritated skin, having a sharp scalpel go over your acne of skin can irritate them and worsen existing breakouts by spreading bacteria. 

4th rule – Look for something new

When looking for professional treatments or home DIY treatments, how often do skincare tools cross your mind? Picture jade face rollers or microneedling facial tools. With more professional skincare tools made available to consumers, you can check out some of these new skincare tools that are worth your money and can fill gaps in your current skincare regimen. This could also be a reason to go shopping for new products with top-quality ingredients like TruMarine™ Collagen to help promote a younger appearance of skin in as little as four weeks.

5th rule – Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of treatment

Last but not least, evaluate the costs of your skincare treatments and products to see what makes the most financial sense. If you’re paying an exorbitant sum for a professional treatment when you can buy a product that fills the need, it could be time to think twice about what you are actually paying for. Whether it be skincare products that are not effective or something you have simply outgrown, take the time to look through all your treatments and products to throw out or donate things you do not use anymore.

If you have your own golden rule or tip to share, drop us a message and we would be delighted to include that in our next article!

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